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CEO, Altavista YMCA

Daniel Hall was engaging, held our interest and customized his presentation to meet the needs of the employees at the YMCA. This was his second presentation for the Altavista Area YMCA, and both were robust in content and had an impact on our team.

Daniel Hall, PhD

Chief Innovation Officer

What You’ll Get During This Free Strategy Call

During our one-on-one consultation, we will explore your organization's innovation landscape in-depth. This is not a sales pitch but a valuable session that identifies your innovation bottlenecks and opportunities. Rest assured that you will receive a lot of value from this call.

Before the Call

Our team will analyze your organization’s current innovation initiatives before the consultation. This includes your innovation portfolio, case studies, and relevant media releases.

During the Call

We will discuss your challenges and goals. You will gain insights into the best practices for innovation strategy, and we will explore potential avenues for enhancing your organization's innovation capabilities.

After the Call

You will be sent a personalized Innovation Strategy Brief.  It will outline key takeaways, strategic recommendations, and a roadmap to help you foster a culture of innovation.

About Daniel Hall

With his extensive knowledge of organizational behavior, creative process, intentional innovation, and leadership, Daniel offers a distinct combination of expertise. He is the driving force behind our innovation consulting services.

As a specialist in optimizing organizational processes, fostering an innovative culture, and adapting to the dynamic business landscape, Daniel can guide your business toward long-term success. His vision and tools are tailored to facilitate sustainable innovation in your organization.

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“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

- Alan Kay

We are committed to providing you with valuable interactions and services tailored to your needs. Here is a list of our available services:

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Consulting and Advisory Services

Our expert consultants provide personalized guidance, streamline processes, implement innovative strategies, and foster a culture of continuous improvement tailored to your unique organizational needs

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Innovation and Creativity Labs

Unleash your creativity and tackle intricate challenges at our advanced Innovation Labs. Immerse yourself in a space where imagination, technology, and proficiency intersect to foster innovation that matters.

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Building Innovation into Your Core

Learn how to incorporate innovation into your organization's DNA and strategic planning with the right tools, mindset, and knowledge.


  • 0-100 Employees

  • 100+ Employees

0-50 Employees

  • 1-hr Presentation: $300
  • Half-day workshop (4 hrs): $800
  • Full-day workshop (8 hours): $1,500

51-100 Employees

  • 1-hr Presentation: $550
  • Half-day workshop (4 hrs): $1,000
  • Full-day workshop (8 hours): $1,900

The cost of multi-day workshops and consultation services will be determined on an individual basis.

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