Strategic Team Building

Need To Get Everyone On The Same Page?

It’s tough to move forward when your team is running in different directions. Align people with their gifts and the goals you share, and start working as one.

Work better, together.

Strategic team building starts by understanding the natural talents of each person on your team — and then coordinating those talents to create a strong, sustainable, and successful workforce that gets things done.

At the Red Chair Group, we help you empower your people to do their best work. By showing team members how they can compensate for — and delegate to — each other based on strengths and abilities, your coach will help ensure everyone is in the right seat, putting you in a position to lead a stronger, more successful team.

Ready to build a stellar team? Pull up a chair

Everyone has their own unique strengths — and challenges. And every team is a unique mix of these strengths and challenges, a collection of its members’ best and worst qualities. This can be clunky at best … and debilitating at worst.

That’s why, as your partner in strategic team building, we’ll help you align your people’s personal strengths to their professional tasks and to their co-workers, minimizing challenges and turning clunky teams into smooth, well-oiled machines.

Together, we’ll dive into CliftonStrengths to uncover each person’s natural talents and abilities. Then we bring all the individuals together, creating a dynamic team environment where everyone’s strengths are recognized and fully integrated. At the end, you’ll have a team where everyone’s talents support each other, making the whole group stronger and more effective at reaching their goals.

Three Ways The Red Chair Group Can Help You Build Your Team Better.

Strengths-Based Dynamics

By integrating your team’s individual CliftonStrengths into your team dynamics and workflow, you’ll foster a more collaborative, productive, and harmonious work environment. You’re able to understand how your team could perform better based on natural strengths.

Strategic Composition

Intentionally combine individuals whose strengths complement each other, ensuring that all critical areas of team function are covered by someone with a natural talent. Balancing your team’s capabilities increases efficiency, innovation, and cohesion. 

Cultivating Natural Leaders

This identifies and nurtures team members’ inherent leadership qualities. These natural leadership skills rise to the top and enhance team resilience, adaptability, and success. They also empower individuals to lead in a way that feels natural and effective to them.

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